What is it?

Most individuals are well known with NetMeeting and other program that let us discuss to others on the internet. VOIP is identical. However, it also uses your phone, cell phone, mobile phone – the screen, we’re all well known with.

Instead of attaching your phone to the walls, you hook up it to a box either the VOIP business provides, or you buy on your own. This is the switch. You need high speed/broadband web for this. Your switch attaches into your cable/dsl switch, and now it can “talk” between your phone and on the internet.

Your cell phone collections already do fairly much what VOIP does, just with different/older technological innovation (well, some of it’s new with optics and such, but…).

How hard is it to setup?

It’s actually very simple. If you have the business deliver you a switch or you buy a kit at the shop, you merely put the switch between your present cable/dsl switch and your pc (e.g., the out from your cord switch now goes to the new box and the out from that to your computer). It also has a phone port for your common phone.

Once it is on, it will boot up and configure itself.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits depending on the company you go with, but here are a few I have (all of these are free with the monthly fee- $14.99 for my setup):

  1. Features like caller id, call waiting, call waiting caller id, call forwarding, etc.
  2. Voicemail
  3. Email alerts for new voicemail.
  4. Web access to voicemail – you can play your messages on your computer.
  5. Auto-forward – if the phone is ever down or isn’t answered, it’s auto-routed to another number
  6. Online management of all features, settings, account, etc.
  7. Computer dialing – highlight any number on your computer, hit F6 and it sets up the call from your phone to theirs – very convinient!
  8. Keep your regular phone (you don’t need a voip phone)

There are some other awesome features available for excess $ like the soft-phone which let us you use your pc as a cellphone w/o the switch – which indicates you can take your pc w/ you wherever and you have your cellphone w/ the same variety everywhere too (you can do this w/o the soft-phone, but you have to take your VOIP switch around w/ you – not bad for anyone going somewhere for a extended trip).