Ax voice residential VoIP – Why to have it?

There are many residential VoIP service providers out but finding the right internet phone service can be an intimidating task. I have been through this tough road and know how much effort it really takes to find the right phone service. Today, I am going to share my experience of using Axvoice, a home phone service. There many aspects that you should look for while selecting a residential VoIP service however, I will only discuss the most important ones.

Installation and configuration

One of the biggest problems that residential VoIP users face is the configuration and installation of this phone service. Most of these services claim to be extremely user friendly but almost all of them fail at that. Axvoice, on the other hand wasn’t like that. The user manual accompanying the VoIP ATA equipment had all the instructions of installing the phone. I, though being an experienced user, didn’t need that manual to install the phone service. One of my friends, who is a non-techie, has also installed Axvoice in his home, followed the simple step-by-step installation and configuration guide. He didn’t report any problem as I am the single point contact for all his technology related queries and questions.

Softphone support

Softphone is software that can be installed to use your residential VoIP. There are just few companies that offer this support as of now. Axvoice supports PC as well as mobile softphone support. I extensively use VoIP service on my PC, mobile and even ATA. This is why I prefer to have more flexibility in terms of usage. You can use Axvoice residential VoIP service on your mobile by installing the softphone. The PC installable version is also available, apart from the normally distributed VoIP ATA. Whenever you are signing up for another internet phone service, always ask for softphone support on the PC and mobile for maximum advantage.

Service features

Service features play a vital role in the selection of VoIP service. Many services promise to provide you with lots of features but most of them charge for the more advanced features. Never let yourself fall prey to that kind of trap set by selfish residential VoIP services. Always first make sure that you are having all the features through that phone service which you really demand. Axvoice offers many useful features which would help you get better utility out of your phone service. All the features are offered with every call plan without any extra charges for them. This is great news for people like me who want to have more features at lesser cost.

Reliability and customer support

I am tired of hearing tall claims by residential VoIP providers that they are the most reliable phone service. Whenever you opt for a service, make sure that you ask someone about its reliability. If the service that you are considering isn’t durable, just don’t consider it at all. In case of Axvoice however, I have been using it for the past one year, and haven’t found any major problem with it to report.